Our Story

Riha’ meaning liberation in Urdu started amidst the uncertainty that was 2020.

At Riha we create outfits that encompass all things free flowing. To wear and feel your best through all the ebbs and flows, the highs and the lows. We believe that life can take unexpected turns, that help us pause and cerebrate, but also rejoice and celebrate. These are the stories we want to express through our silhouettes. All our outfits are made with high quality fabrics and prints that can last you a long time.

How Riha was born

It was a tough year with the pandemic. The world was suffering and there were restrictions everywhere. We could not step out of our homes. We three sisters got together and decided to put our thoughts to good use. We felt free in the sense that we could think creatively and let our ideas flow. Coming from a family of textiles, we drew inspiration from our Grandads who were pioneers in the handloom industry and our Dads who worked with colors and fabrics in such an elegant yet classic way, that everyone would just be in love. We wanted to create something that we would wear ourselves and feel stylish yet at home in.

Naming Our Brand

With the whole world being locked down and everyone turning online to express their pain and grief, RIHA was one way to make this brand feel like it could bring a sense of feeling free.